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Online whole-semester Chinese Language Program in BCU

Online whole-semester Chinese Language Program in BCU

On October 12, 2021, online whole-semester Chinese Language Program was launched in BCU. Once the course was released, it was strongly supported by University of Guadalajara, and many students enthusiastically signed up. Finally, through the language tests and qualification examination, nearly 20 students were finally admitted to the course.

During the opening ceremony, the teachers clarified the study plan and focus of this program, and strengthened the discipline awareness of the international students. At the same time, she hoped that all the students could further improve their Chinese learning through this program.

Erick said that participating in the language program can help him understand and learn Chinese and Chinese culture more systematically . The teaching method is also very novel, improving his Chinese level through the game way.

Sofia said: " I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in the whole semester language study program held by BCU.I have always been very interested in Chinese language, and I believe that my Chinese level will improve a lot during this period of time.

It is reported that this is a whole-semester language program. Based on the needs of Mexican students for Chinese learning, BCU will give full play to the characteristics and advantages of majors in traditional Chinese fine arts and business, supplemented by lectures or workshops in the fields of traditional Chinese culture courses and trade with China. The aim is to help international students have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese tradition and modern culture, and lay a foundation for their future study in China.