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BCU 2021 Freshmen Welcome Celebration

On September 15th and 16th, the 2021 Freshmen Welcome Celebration of Beijing City University was held in Haidian Campus and Shunyi Campus respectively. Leaders and Heads of functional departments and academic departments as well as Grade 2021 freshmen all participated in the celebration.


Part 1 Welcome Speech

Section 1  BCU President’s Speech

On the annual welcome celebration, President and the Chair of the University Council of BCU, Dr. Liu Lin, will always deliver a passionate speech to welcome and encourage the freshmen. This time, he made 6 wishes to the freshmen--to cultivate patriotism, devote to learning, obtain practical skills, develop good moral characters, enhance fitness, and co-build BCU!

Section 2  Guests Speech

The power of a role model is inspiring, and the entrust of the predecessors should be kept in mind. BCU invited two guests as roles models to share their experiences and inspire freshmen this time.


The famous entrepreneur, regional economist, Founder and Chairman of Youke Works Dr. Mao Daqing called on all freshmen: “Dear young friends, I especially look forward to your performance after completing your studies. Your learning results in the next four years will surely become an important driving force for the sustainable development of this thriving and vibrant city. I hope you will always bear in mind your development mission and personal goals through learning and growth, and find a way to maximize your own value for the city construction and development.”

Zhao Wei, an alumni of BCU Grade 2011, Deputy Genera Secretary of Social Organizations of the National Youth Federation, Member of the Beijing Municipal Youth Federation, also the Winner of the 29th Beijing Youth May 4th Medal shared his three valuable viewpoints with freshmen--to be responsible, innovative, and make best use of all platforms in school.



Part 2  Appointment Letter Award



BCU has always attached great importance to the construction of teachers with both excellent academic background and industry experiences. Diversified high-level teachers make BCU distinctive, and also provide a strong guarantee for the realization of its talent training goal. At the welcome celebration, Dr. Mao Daqing was appointed as the graduate tutor and student entrepreneurship tutor, and Zhao Wei was especially appointed as the student entrepreneurship tutor of BCU. President Liu Lin issued letters of appointment to them.

Part 3  Freshmen representatives speeches

Gao Wenqi from Grade 2021, majoring in Data Science and Big Data Technology (Ali Cloud School-Enterprise Cooperation Class), mentioned in his speech, “I always firmly believe that scientific and technological innovation is the primary driving force for development. I want to engage in the research of big data system architecture and big data visualization in the future, and contribute to the society with my professional knowledge and skills.”

Cao Jianlin from Grade 2021, majoring in Radio and Television Director as a postgraduate, made his wishes. “Standing at this new starting point, I hope students from both undergraduate and graduate studies can cherish the time in school, participate in various activities, be trustworthy and realistic and eager to learn. When looking back on the campus time, we can have no regret and be proud of the knowledge we’ve gained”, he said.


Part 4  Performance list


The celebration presented a wonderful artistic performance for the 2021 freshmen. The whole performance is divided into three chapters: youth, dream, and mission.

The Song "Meet in Beijing" with sign language and singing demonstrated the Olympics spirit; the hip-hop "light" saluted the great people facing danger; the song "Parents" sent gratitude to moms and dads; the sports dance "BCU Concerto" showed force and beauty of youth; the "BCU dream" combined sound, poetry and painting, arousing infinite vision for the future university life; the creative catwalk "Shining City" displayed the vitality of youth; the national custom performance "Wanjiang" skillfully integrated folk music and martial arts to show the Chinese charm. The celebration came to an end in the recitation of "I Will Build China to A Greater Country". BCU’s participators in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the dedication group passed on the mission of building BCU to the 2021 freshmen.