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Four Majors in BCU as Beijing Municipal First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites in 2020

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites in 2020. Four majors including Communication, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Accounting, and Environmental Design, have been approved as first-class undergraduate major construction sites in Beijing.

In recent years, BCU has further deepened the comprehensive reform of undergraduate education, strengthened the cultivation and construction of first-class majors, continued to promote professional optimization and dynamic adjustment, promoted the connotative development of majors, continuously improved the level and competitiveness of majors, and has achieved good results in professional construction. Up to now, 7 majors in BCU have been the first-class undergraduate major construction sites in Beijing, another three majors including Social Work, Pre-school Education, Software Engineering.

In the next step, BCU will, in accordance with the requirements of a series of documents such as the Implementation Plan of Undergraduate Education and Teaching Examination of Higher Education (2021-2025), take the construction of first-class majors as an opportunity to promote professional classification management, improve the professional quality guarantee system, build first-class undergraduate majors with high standards, and continuously improve the quality of talent training.