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San Marino Confucius Institute of BCU was Invited to the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and San Marino

May 6,2021 was the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of San Marino. Chinese President Xi Jinping and San Marino consuls Venturini and Nicolini exchanged their congratulation letters. On the same day, a series of activities were launched in San Marino to celebrate the 50th anniversary. San Marino consuls Venturini, Nicolini and Chinese ambassador to Italy and San Marino Li Junhua also attended the celebration.

San Marino Confucius Institute of BCU, the main partner of the event and part of the project organizers, participated in the planning, seminars, preparations, translation and sponsorship of the event, and was also invited to participate in all activities. On the same day, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website issued a press release. It specifically mentioned that "China and San Marino are willing to continuously support the development of San Marino Confucius Institute, to further strengthen exchanges between academic institutions and courses, and deepen the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine through relevant training courses.

San Marino Confucius Institute of BCU has been approved to set up teaching sites in Rimini, Italy in 2021; the language training courses of the Confucius Institute have been approved to be admitted to the credit courses of the University of San Marino; The Confucius Institute has been approved to offer a series of Traditional Chinese Medicine courses, which lay the foundation for the development of professional cooperation between the two universities.

With the strong support of the Beijing City University and the University of San Marino, San Marino Confucius Institute has proved solid and effective work style in these activities and has been highly praised by the San Marino government and the public. It further expanded its influence and was highly praised by the Chinese Ambassador to Italy and San Marino.

说明: 孔子学院院长应邀出席“同一片天空”中圣建交50周年大型纪念活动,圣马力诺执政官、外交部长、中国大使以及各界代表出席。孔院院长应邀上台接受采访,畅谈孔院成就和未来发展

The director of the Confucius Institute was invited to attend the celebration of the 50th anniversary themed ‘Unders the Same Sky’. The San Marino Consuls, its Foreign Minister, the Chinese Ambassador to San Marino and representatives from various sectors attended the celebration. The director of the Confucius Institute was invited to the stage to have an interview and talked about the achievements and future development of the Institute. 

说明: 中方院长李予军与圣马力诺外交部长和中国大使交流在圣推广中医药文化项目

Chinese director of Confucius Institute Li Yujun exchanged views with the Foreign Minister of San Marino and the Chinese ambassador on the promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture in San Marino.