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San Marino Confucius Institute Lecture: Traditional Chinese Architecture—Forbidden City

 On May 19th, Ms. Liang Fei, a lecturer from the School of Urban Construction of BCU, gave a lecture on "Traditional Chinese Architecture—Forbidden City" to the students of San Marino Confucius Institute of BCU. More than 20 teachers and students from San Marino Confucius Institute and the International Affairs Office staff of BCU attended the lecture.

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In the lecture, Ms. Liang Fei gave a multifaceted introduction to the Forbidden City in terms of history, origin and architectural features. Through the display of pictures and videos, students had a more comprehensive understanding of the Forbidden City, and could feel the charm of traditional Chinese architecture indoor during the pandemic. Ms. Liang also invited all the students to visit China to learn more about Chinese culture after the pandemic. At the end of the lecture, students gave a warm response, communicated with the teacher cheerfully, and expressed great interest in the Forbidden City and traditional Chinese architecture. 

It is known that this lecture is the first lecture on traditional Chinese architecture delivered by the the lecturer from School of Urban Construction of BCU for San Marino Confucius Institute. In the future, BCU will launch more lectures on traditional Chinese culture with the Confucius Institute.

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