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300-day countdown to the Winter Olympic Games and the world champion face-to-face event in BCU



In order to further carry forward the Olympic spirit and volunteer service spirit, and popularize Winter Olympics knowledge, on April 9 morning, Beijing City University (BCU) held the Olympics 300-day countdown celebration ceremony and invited previous champions into campus to interact with staff and students, including ice and snow sports promotion ambassador, short track speed skating world champion Li Jiajun, ice sports promotion ambassador, freestyle ski air skills world champion Li Nina, figure skating world champion Pang Qing. Qin Shiyou, Vice Chair of University Council and President of university, and Lian Yuchun, Vice President of BCU attended the activity.


Lian Yuchun addressed that, “Beijing is the first ‘double Olympic city’ in history to hold both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. It is of great significance to run the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics well. Based in Beijing and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, BCU is a new type of university that takes its own duty of serving the development of the capital, and has been active in various great events in Beijing and even the whole country over the years. BCU will adhere to its spirit of ‘advocating innovation, striving and hard work’, Olympic spirit and champion spirit to encourage staff and students to work hard.”



During the championship interview, the three champions vividly told their story about the Winter Olympics. Their strong courage and painstaking practice behind the Olympics deeply infected every student on the scene, and warm applause pushed the atmosphere to a climax.


In the interactive session, the world champions carried out on-site action guidance to the ice and snow hobby students.


BCU also invited three world champions as honorary coaches of the BCU's snow and ice projects to guide the curriculum. Finally, in order to celebrate the 300-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the three champions and school leaders Qin Shiyou and Lian Yuchun and student representatives together unveiled the countdown commemorative card. In the next step, as the highlight of the Ice and Ice Culture Week, BCU will also cooperate with the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China to carry out a series of distinctive activities such as "China 100 Ice Caravan Tour" into the campus and develop China Snow and Ice cartoon Mascot Emoji.