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The First Performance of "Peking Opera Entering Campus" Activities in YE Shenglan Grand Theatre


On the afternoon of April 27, Beijing City University (BCU) and Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing launched the performance of an excellent Peking Opera "An Embroidered Treasure Pouch", following a series of "Peking Opera Entering Campus" activities, in Ye Shenglan Grand Theatre of BCU Shunyi Campus. Chair of University Council and President of university Liu Lin, President of Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing Liu Dong, Deputy Head of Propaganda Department of Shunyi District Party Committee Liu Jinyan, Vice President of BCU Lian Yuchun, relevant staff from Shunyi District Culture and Tourism Bureau and Literary Federation, student and staff of BCU, over 300 residents around the university, children from Shunyi District Children's Palace all attended the event, amounting to 800 people in total.

Before the performance, President Liu Lin and President Liu Dong led the children to learn about the behind-the-scenes work of the Peking Opera actors. The children were excited to see the actors who were making up, and one child also came on stage to impromptu perform the Peking Opera singing section. The childish voice and methodical moves attracted warm applause from the audience.


Then "An Embroidered Treasure Pouch" was led by Guo Wei, a national first-class actress and Qingyi actress of Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Troupe in Beijing, which drew great cheers. Ive seen other shows in BCU previously, and this time I was inspired by the great opera performance! I couldnt wait to see the next show here! , one audience from nearby neighborhood said.  


In year 2021, BCU will launch 6 performances following this series of " Beijing Opera entering Campus" activities, and admission tickets for nearby residents, Beijing Opera lovers in Shunyi District can be gained then.

On May 16,2019, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee Cai Qi, brought up the idea that under the premise of campus security, building Shunyi Campus of BCU into a block campus, sharing the recreation & sports facilities, as well as community resources to deepen integration between university and local town, and build this area into a new town characterized by science and education. On December 10, 2020, the Ye Shenglan Grand Theatre, initiated by Beijing City University with the strong support of Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing, was unveiled in Shunyi Campus.


Ye Shenglan Grand Theatre is not only a practice platform to train Peking Opera talents, but also undertakes the mission of serving the surrounding people and promoting Peking Opera culture. The series of activities of "Beijing Opera entering Campus" is one of the important measures for BCU to strengthen the cooperation and integration of school and town, and serve the spiritual and cultural needs of regional residents, aiming to inherit the capital cultural heritage and help the development of cultural undertakings.