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Opening Ceremony for Class 2021 of Master of PPM of University of Warwick Was Successfully Held

On May 22, 2021, the online opening ceremony for class 2021 of Master of Project and Programme Management of University of Warwick was successfully held. The Academic Director in China of WMG of University of Warwick, Nick Phillips, Chinese teaching faculty of Beijing City University and all freshmen of Class 2021 were invited to attend.

BCU warmly welcomed the arrival of new students, and launched warm-up activities such as self-introduction and SSLC election to enhance mutual understanding. Then Nick Phillips introduced the cooperation history of University of Warwick and Beijing City University, its mission and vision, which helped students to know more about the programme.

BCU organized students to watch a movie, relating to Chinese history and the role youth are playing in the history. Taking this opportunity, BCU encouraged students to adhere to their dreams and value the opportunity to join this programme. Students are motivated to re-examine the economy in the process of learning, to rethink the enterprise strategy, and to re-plan their projects. Based on a new starting point, students are inspired to meet new challenges, and develop new achievements!  

It has been the 7th year since this programme enrolled students. This course not only has the solid academic study, but also has the rich practice drill part, by providing first-class academic lectures and case studies, warm group discussions, and guest lecturer sharing. We hope in the future study and life, the freshmen of class 2021 will be able to cooperate tacitly and help each other, becoming the compound talents of project management with innovative spirit and practical ability, participating in international competition, and meeting further challenges!